Single-disc and double-disc polisher for metal samples surface preparation used in spectrometer methods, especially for Steel and Brass ones.

The preparation of the surface of the samples is one of the most important aspects of the analysis of metallic samples (in the spectrometer method), especially for Steel and Brass samples. The polisher machine manufactured by MEE Co. can be with a single disc and double discs design(each one was necessary) with the diameter of 35 cm and can be installed with different roughness numbers, depending on customer requirements. All kinds of sandpaper can be used in this machine and it is not necessary to glue or use special sandpaper. The speed and direction of the discs can also be adjusted depending on the type of user needs. The device is fitted with a brake pedal that the operator can stop the disk rotation with his foot pressure, as it was necessary. Particularly, it is possible to install an engine round control system and a chip collector (sucking) on this machine.