The First Optical Emission Spectrometer for High Accuracy Metal Analysis, Manufacturing by MEE Company.

* Analyze all iron and non-ferrous metal alloys (Fe, Al, Cu …) in single or multi-base state.
* Calibration and recalibration by using the best standard and setting up standard samples from MBH, NIST, BAS, BRAMMER Company
* Determine the alloying program, type and number of elements for the OES device according to the requirements and orders of the laboratories of metallurgy, casting factories and research centers.
* Ability to measure B, N elements in Fe base.
* Optimum use of argon gas

* Easy installing for Windows XP, Windows 7
* Easy access to different part of software
* Recalibration with one standard sample or setting up samples
* Highly accurate analysis setting/ adjustment based on standard sampling with the method of Type Standard
* Temperature control and display the parameters of the OES device and electronic boards also the amount of vacuum on the screen analysis instantaneously.
* Easy access to analysis results, save and change them to the format of PDF and EXCEL
* Different levels of access to software in terms of managerial and operator access

* Identification of elements in the wavelength range of 140-750 nm
* Multi CCD feature in optical system with resolution of 30 pm
* Controlled vacuum system in a spectrometer environment of 6-10 Pa
* Digital spark power supply with a frequency of 100-800 Hz and a power output of 80 A
* Automatic temperature control of the spectrometer
* Optical layout based on Paschen-Rung Mount
* Use of the CCD detectors with minimal noise
* Use of argon gas in spark state is 5lit/min
* Use an adjustable holder for a variety size of samples
* The quality of argon gas is 99.999% and the input pressure is 6bar 

MEE Company with long terms of experience in installing, commissioning and after-sales services for laboratory equipment and analytical devices and cooperating with the best lab equipment manufacturers, including Thermo Scientific (ARL) were working seriously on OES important practical features for many years.
Our group is being the loneliest Iranian representative of MBH Company which is producing reference standard sample, as well.
MEECo. is proudly announcing that by the educational programs along with a strong team of design, support and after-sales services, built its first Optical Emission Spectrometer