We at MEE Company with long terms of experience in installing, commissioning and after-sales services for laboratory equipment and analytical devices and cooperating with the best lab equipment manufacturers, including Thermo Scientific (ARL) were working seriously on OES important practical features for many years.
Our group is being the loneliest Iranian representative of MBH Company which is producing reference standard sample, as well.
MEE. is proudly announcing that by the educational programs along with a strong team of design, support and after-sales services, built its first independent Argon gas purifier

Prevent the entry of impurities such as oxides and carbides into sensitive optical parts

* Creating a suitable chemical ambiance in the spark box of an Optical Emission Spectrometry device

* Increasing the accuracy and stability of the analysis, especially in the analysis of cast iron samples that are virtually impossible without using of argon gas filters.

* Ensure the creation of pure argon gas with impurity less than 1 VPM

Argon gas purifier Model CS-2200 purifier uses an absorbent tube that is inside an electric furnace and at 700 ° C under a chemical reaction imparts oxygen and nitrogen impurities also using another absorber tube at 450 ° C that can absorb carbon dioxide and dioxide Carbon and hydrocarbons impurities.
Finally, with the help of a water absorbing tube, the moisture of the content passing gas is absorbed by the absorption method.
The water absorbent tubes can be recycled, but the other two tubes must be replaced over time after the absorption of impurities (depending on the type of gas consumed).
In case of using Optical Emission Spectrometry devices, an oxygen absorber and nitrogen analyzer tube is required.