Lathe Machine

Aluminum Sample Lathe suggested for preparing smooth surface on using spectrometer analyzers.

All metallic samples, which are analyzing by the Optical Emission Spectrometer, must be pre-prepared. This purpose requires a dry lathe be designed and manufactured. The lathe should be proportional to the shape, dimensions, size, and number of samples. This machine is designed with all parameters that would be in minded. Users of this machine are all laboratories that have Copper and Aluminum base analyzers. In addition to the quality of the analyzer and due to the importance and accuracy of the material analysis results in the production, control, design, and manufacture, the condition and quality of the sample preparation are crucial for testing too. As the result, no dross should be left on the sample surface during sample preparation, the elements on the sample should not be oxidized at the time of preparation. More importantly, due to using pure Argon gas in the analysis environment, the sample surface should be as smooth as possible polished to prevent gas leakage. By the way, the machine must be extremely safe and fast.